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Dear...My Old Friend

Sometimes i wonder if we go to the same places at the same day but different times.


Sometimes i wonder if we think of the same thing at the same time.

If we’re watching the same shows or listening to the same music. I let go of you so long ago and it was the best decision of my life. Yet there were countless days where we would be so in sync and always together. I felt vulnerable at the time and now i realize how scary that was.


The damage you’ve done is beyond repair, you will do your time just as i’ve done mine. I hope you taste the same pain you spread in me. I hope you shake in paranoia whenever you remember me, just like I did. I hope your eyes darken the days ahead, make your shoulders heavy, and leaves you in chronic suffering.


I hope the air refuses to touch your lungs no matter how hard you try, just like i tried. I hope you stare at the bright sun and all you can think of is how much you want to escape this life, just like i did. I hope you doubt everyone’s love for you, including your own parents, just like I did.


I hope you know how much you lost. You’ve always been depressed. Even on our happiest days, you were a very sad person. I’m happy I dont get to ease your pain much longer. I know your pain grows, I know everyone grew tired of you. You see, my heart never got this cold, you’re the first person to make me feel like this.


I’m doing so much better since i left you to rot and just like you kicked me to the ground in my hardest days, I have no one to thank but myself. For carrying whatever you shattered and giving life one last shot.


Today feels different. I feel like your pain is taking a toll on you tonight. While i snuggle in my warm bed and feel loved by the people around me, don’t forget to shed tears of regret and hurl in your sleep.


Here’s to never seeing you again, it’s one hell of a way to live.


FROM…. someone who regrets ever laying eyes on you

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