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Dear... Nano

It was so unfair. I didn’t get to meet you at your final stage in life neither did i come to say goodbye or even be at your funeral, and for that i’m sorry. I’m sorry i was late, i’m sorry i wasn’t there, everyone i knew spent more time with you and even at the last stages in your life, they were there. me?, no. To be honest Nano, if i was ever given a chance to trade my life for someone else- either dead or alive- if that makes sense. I’d do anything just to have you back, because let’s face it, you deserve it more than me. 

I know i seem selfish but really, i’m so grateful for everything i have but to see my mum smile at the sight of you, running into your arms, breaking down at how much she missed you- for that, i’d do anything really. I’d trade anything just for my mum to see, even hear your voice one more time. I know we all miss you but she as your daughter, misses you so, so much. 

I know she hides her pain from us from time to time and it hurts that she won’t share with me, but i know why she doesn’t. She fears she might make me side. Your death is still raw to me, to us. It hurts thinking your no longer alive, out of everyone i know, i never had expected you to leave first. It shattered me. 

I hope that wherever you are, you are happy, your safe and your with your loved ones, i’m always thinking about and miss you. I love you Nano. Take care of yourself up there and don’t worry about us💜

FROM…. Your grand-daughter- A🤍

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