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Dear... Jadey

I’m writing this seven days before our 4th mensiversary while i was in my class and you’re sleeping now
so thank you for still being with me and thank you for trying to be better for yourself and us, thank you for being the best cutest pretty boyfriend in the world and thank you for everything. 

You should know that i’m very lucky to have you as the person i love so much. i love spending my time with you and i hate when we fight (but a relationship without arguments is kinda boring, isn’t it?)

Sorry if i often make you mad, upset and made you feel bad mood, and i really pissed myself off when i knew you were crying because of us and it was from me, i’m so sorry baby ūüôĀ aku sayang kamu boobies, i really do

Finally you reading this paragraph, so happy 4th mensiversary jadey i wish we could be together until 600 abad together

FROM…. Vin

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