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Dear...Rosh, my brightest star

The sky is so beautiful tonight, I wish we could try melting marshmallows with the campfire while admiring the beauty of the starry sky together.

But did you know? You’re like a star, seems so near yet so far. In the ocean of stars, you’re the one who caught my attention, the one I admired the most. My Prince, you are my brightest star. But… Will I really be able to reach you? Will I really be able to hold you? Or is it possible that you’ll fall for me like a shooting star?


I’m scared. I know that it’s not possible. But who cares? I love you… I’m in love with you, and that’s all that matters.


Even tho I know that you won’t love me back, I still want to love you. I will never regret loving you.


FROM…. A minuscule speck of dust that you can barely see floating in the starry sky

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