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Dear...John Cyrus

Hi bro… If you see the first letter that I wrote here /dear Maggie/please do not take it seriously  I didn’t really think it through and I said some harsh words to you… But truly… I fucking love you.. so much that I am willing to forget my feelings for you so we can stay friends.. nah I already trying to forget my feelings. 

I have a dream…. I always dreamed of you that’s why maybe it’s more harder for me to let you go since even in my dreams you’re there.. so about my dream I think the situation there is we are back in being a grade 6, we are still classmate even in my dream… And I remember being clingy to you there, saying I like you and I want to go out with you… 

Hugging and tugging your arms like I’m your girl… And of course you are still the cold boy, you really didn’t care much when I did all of that. You are chill with how I act, and that gives me more hope that maybe you like me too? But of course that’s my dream and reality is far more different. 

Anyway nung nagising ako I realized that maybe I am still stuck to the g6 you, and not the present you. Maybe I loved the boy who somehow more softer and warmer, more bright and gleeful.. maybe I loved the past you..and not totally you.. maybe I liked the memories we created and not the person I am with.. But you said nothing changed, you are still you… 

But no Maggie you changed, you are not the man who I fell in love with, nag bago ka.. but still I will happily open arms and still accept you since you are my friend.. I just hope that if you are trouble by anything you can come to me, if you want to vent or tell me stories I am always here to listen. So that’s conclude how much I liked you, I liket you John Cyrus Magpantay, and I’m not asking you to like me back too, but if you ever see this pls let me know.

I liked you for 4 yrs and from this day on I promise to just like you and be with you as a friend.. You’re still my never ending what ifs and maybe’s.

FROM…. Your Bro… Ashley

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