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Dear... Puting Kapre

I’d rather stubbornly get hurt while loving you than to move on and long for you, I don’t know why it had to be you, but you will forever be that someone to me even if it kills me, cause I tried moving on… but this stubborn heart only longs for you…it makes me cry knowing that I can never have you. 


You always run through my mind and it’s both tiring and lovely. Lovely because I imagine us together, happy and in love, tiring because I can only imagine such fantasy. I try to stop it, but I can’t, so just like these lyrics…


“But nothing ever gets me high like this…
I pick my poison and it’s you,
Nothing can kill me as you do,
You’re going straight to my head,
And I’m heading straight to the edge.”

Even if hurts, I choose you to be my poison. I hate how much I love you


FROM…. Princesa

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