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Dear... Ai

Hello Ai- Alex

To my home, my solace, my happiness, I love you. And I’m sorry if I don’t show it that much, I’m sorry if I can’t give you concrete answer, I’m sorry if I’m indecisive.

Thank you for coming to my life, I can’t imagine what I will be without you, without meeting you.
I met you at my lowest self, that’s why meeting you is like a blessing to me, it changed me, it made me realized much more things.

You always makes me feel loved,
You always reassure me.

You always makes me smile at the middle of night, one notification that from you makes my stomach tingly.
I never felt like this before.

You’re the first and I hope the last.
I can’t imagine loving another girl that is not you.
So please let’s make this work out.

I’ll try my best to show more and tell you more abt what I feel.
I love you my Ai

+ Note
Ai means love in japanese so yup I’ve been calling you love for 2 months now hahahshhd 😭🤍 I love you my Ai.

FROM…. Ash