Write Anonymous Letter

My Beloved, My Everything, My Universe in Every Universe

Beloved, this is me. Your one and only. Your person. Your love.
If by chance you read this letter, congratulations! You find me.
While you are also searching, looking for me so one day you can see my face, well darling, I hope that day is coming.

So I can see your face as well. And know your name.
But even if that day will never come in this lifetime, by little hope that I have, if there’s another lifetime, I hope I will find you at that time.

I will surely find you.
I already found you because well, I know that my soul is always with you.
And no matter how far we’re from each other right now, if I see you later, I will fall in love with you again. Just like you who fall in love with me too.

My heart always belongs to you. And your heart belongs to mine as well.
I know.

Dearest one, remember. There are so many things that I want to do with you. Reading books together, going to a beautiful garden, learning how to cook and many more.

We will do that together, okay? Promise me. All of that.
I also want to make this promise to you.

I promise. When all is truly established between us, we will do all of that.
Because I love you. I love you, love you so so much.

And I don’t want to let you go.
And at the right time, I won’t let you go.

See you, beloved.
See you.
I love you.

FROM…. Jessica in this lifetime.