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Dear... Pio

its been months since i last saw you yet i still get the faintest memories of you that pop up in the most random times—i remember how you only sing that english lyric from HxHs intro because you most certainly cant speak japanese, i always found it funny. and how passionate you are in things that you do no matter how ambitious they seem. 

I’m always fond of seeing your progress. how you pointed at every small thing you found interesting whenever we go on late night rides making this dull city not so lifeless. you see, your name is engraved on every place we went to. it used to hurt so much i cant even go outside for weeks. it took a lot of time for me to turn this pain into comfort as i no longer shudder whenever i walk past these places—rather, i reminisce on memories we made there. 

I don’t know you anymore. you are not that same goofy long-haired crybaby i met last june 2020 and that’s completely the way its supposed to be. i really wanted to watch you grow but at the same time something always felt wrong. maybe because you cannot be bound by anyone nor anything, may it be a person nor the most shattering heartbreak. 

My time with you was nothing but a speck in our lifetime, nothing but fleeting moments in your memories. but by remembering you by these fleeting moments, i know you’ll feel better soon.

FROM….kilala mo naman ako

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