Write Anonymous Letter

Dear... John Cyrus, Magic Sarap

Hello again,

This is my 3rd letter for you here.
I don’t even know why I’m writing it here instead of sending this to you.
Did I said in the past letter here that I don’t like you anymore?
Well that’s true, I don’t like you that time anymore.
But it changed when you came to my birthday.

Haha funny isn’t it? It only takes you showing up in front of me to make me like you again.
I hate that thought.
I hate liking you.

You make me feel like you have feelings for me too, well you give hints that you do.
But even giving that hints it still makes me feel like It’s a unrequited love.

This past weeks I don’t get you,
You said you’re busy?

Pero nakagala ka that time, why can’t you just let us know na ayaw mo kaming kasama or ayaw mo akong kasama.

I even thought we have more deeper relationship than in the past since you opened up to me and you said you’ll be cold to anyone but not for me.

I thought I’m special for you, sorry for assuming again.
I’m sorry for getting ahead of myself.

I shouldn’t be, but you give me the hints and signs that I should be.

Did you liked me? Do you like me?
I don’t even know, and I somehow don’t even care about your answer.
You never once gave a clear answer anyways.

I’m willing to risk it all for you para lang malaman ko if gusto or ginusto morin ba ako, yk para nman massgot narin yung pinaka tanong ko sayo, but I don’t have the courage to ask that, I feel like you’ll just change the topic or act like you didn’t hear it if I did.

I can read you but I can’t understand you.
I’m trying Maggie kaso ang hirap mo tlgang intindihin.

Maybe this feeling is only a fragments of me liking you for 4yrs, and maybe I am too attached to you that I can’t let you go completely. But I promise I will surely 100% let you go someday. Where I can bravely say na hindi na kita gusto, 100% not regrets and no lingering feelings anymore.

You probably have someone you like rn, you changed you do in fb, you even put a highlight. Hahaha funny, I hope you the best my magic sarap, my favorite seasoning.

FROM…. Ash