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Dear Love

You are the one thing anyone should love, yet you are one of the things that brings the world so much pain. It is not the love itself that bring us pain, but the sticking around.

Why do you leave? Why do you stay in a person heart enough to warm not only their heart, but somebody’s else and then disappear? Why do you only give an inch and then take us as a whole?

I like to think you give everyone a taste of you, a taste of loving and a taste of being loved, only to then take their hearts and lock them away, I like to imagine a chamber with pieces of broken hearts that you keep, not to laugh about them, but to keep them safe.

I imagine you keep them there until the pieces find each other and the heart finally finds itself without any help, the heart learns to love itself, so you slowly give the person their heart with their own love.

Now they’re not relying on you for love, after a long journey of pain, after darkness that swallowed them, they’re out and they’re not hating you anymore. They understand.

I hope my pieces find each other soon, I hope my heart comes together once again and I’ll stop hating. Hating you, hating me, what you did sucked, but when the time comes, I’ll forgive you, cause I’ve done some unforgivable things and I broke other hearts too, so I’ll hope you will forgive me too for filling ur chamber.

FROM…. A piece of heart