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Dear... Rosh

I love you… I still love you, i never stopped loving you. I love you so bad, but… I’m sorry. Life is too ironic, we always crave for something we cannot have. I’m sorry, my prince. I love you, but we can’t be together. You’re meant to be with someone else… If your life is a novel, I’m just a side character you needed to meet to become a better man for your leading lady.


But even tho I’m not your main character, I’m still glad that I became a part of your story. I love you, and I want you to live happily ever after…


Even if I’m not your happy ending. Please live well, my prince. I’ll always be at your back, I love you and I’ll continue loving you from afar, but please forget me. Live a happy life without me.


Remember when I told you that our fate is written in the stars? I want to thank the stars because they let me meet someone as great as you. I love you.. And goodbye… My love.


FROM… Your star

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