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The one girl who gave me a chance

I know we only we’ve only know one another for a month and went only on 1 date so far, I truly care for you and make me so genuinly happy. Since our date your texts have slowly decreased and become slower but it’s ok, I can wait, I know you still care, your just busy. 

No one has ever given me a shot or stuck around for as long as you have and the thought that after all this time I could actually get a girlfriend with someone as gorgeous, upbeat, and nice as you makes me feel like all the pain I’ve been through was finally worth it. 

I keep believing that you care about me as much as I do even though I know that your talking to and potentially going on dates with other people. All I can do is patiently wait for you to reply and hope that you aren’t busy and want to see me again. Until then I’ll keep holding out hope… to said girl, I really like you, and I hope that I’ll see you again

FROM…. The one guy you’ve been talking to

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