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Dear... Friends

I really hate that we are no longer seeing each other. I miss you guys so much. Whenever I ask for us to meet up you are all busy with work. Well, I really understand it and there is nothing I can do.

We all have our own priorities now. We are not kids anymore, we bear this burden called “adulting”. How I wish that everything will go back to the time we are creating our dreams, aiming high for ourselves, enjoying our youth like the day won’t last, and how we are so carefree, free to make our own mistakes not minding the consequences.

Now, we are going to different paths, different locations, different careers, and different timelines. I know that this time will come and it is really sad. Sometimes I question myself, why is it that I am the only one left in this state and you all are enjoying yourselves without me.

I get jealous sometimes because you guys are all good and ready to settle down while me still trying to get my ass off to work.

Maybe I am not right and you are also afraid of what comes next. But, darlings, please note that I really love you and miss you. I am so proud of what you’ve accomplished and I am hoping that I can also say that to myself too.

FROM…. Kimchi