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Dear... G

I just wanted to let you know how horrible of a friend you are.

I know that it must be confusing to try to figure out your feelings for someone, especially when you most likely have internalized homophobia, but it’s no reason to treat your friends this way.

I know that a year ago we talked about becoming girlfriends, but I now realize that I never wanted to be with you, I never wanted to touch you in a non-platonic way, I never wanted to feel those things for you.

I understand why you would be uncomfortable with telling me how you and K are dating but I don’t think that that is a reason to treat my so awfully. You excluded me by telling everyone else, people that I introduced to you, people that you’ve known for lesser time, my friend that I’ve known since birth. Even when I asked you what was wrong and what “the secret” was, you said it was a you thing and it had nothing to do with me. I know that that wasn’t the case due to the fact that you told everyone else, advertised it even, but didn’t tell me, the person that you were closest to just one year ago. I’m just shocked at how you got mad at me for not knowing.

It’s even worse for me knowing that you happened to have sex with K. I understand why you want to keep that part of your life private, but if you were truly trying to keep it private you wouldn’t have made vague jokes about it or let us know through your rice purity test score dropping (ex. “LMFAO” and a screenshot of a rice purity test score going from 85 to 75). I genuinely thought it was ok to make jokes about it because you had openly talked about it, without concern as to whether or not your friends were comfortable with you joking about being K’s top etc. And now, when you’ve told everyone you’re uncomfortable with those jokes, you make them in front of us and allow everyone else to make jokes about the two of you going at it.

I think this all began when we first argued about me not wanting to voice call with anymore or just simply avoiding doing so. You had made tons of jokes about hearing my family in the background, but it’s not something I had control over, as I’m not allowed to go to my bedroom with screens, or sit alone in my basement all day, away from my family, unlike some loser I happen to know, G. I get that you didn’t get hugged enough as a kid, nor made a single attempt to talk to your family. I get that you would prefer to take it out on your friends when you feel not loved enough. It’s even more crazy how you treated your own f*king girlfriend like shit because she wanted to talk about something other than f*king dream smp or hypixel or minecraft, when she wanted to talk about one music artist. You even turned to me for help on how to apologize because you didn’t know how to apologize so I had to f*king write one for you.

I understand your viewpoint on this but I’m honestly just tired of being treated like garbage, almost every single day.

I just hope that one day, you won’t be in my life anymore you absolute f*king wench.

FROM…. hopefully an ex-friend