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Dear... The future gabby

hi, my love,
I really really hope you’re well. I do. right now you’re not at all okay. everything’s gone to shit lol. mum smashed up your iPhone 8, took your burner phone, you ran away and had to stay with Nanny. (worst weekend of your life) and Thursday, when mum found the iphone 6 you nicked, and smacked and spat on you and did all sorts, so tonight the police came round and all, and mum won’t even look at you. ringing a bell? good! of course, you remember march 2022. got a few questions though babe.
>how are you and mum? and dad?
>have you got a phone? got your makeup and stuff back?
>how is you and E? he moved yet?
>you still at ams?
>you and grace and erin still your epic trio?
theres so many more but theres no point. im thinking about October right now (only because apocalypse by cigarettes after sex is on lol) you and M still friends? did it get more than that at all? I hope you’re reading this super far into the future, so you can laugh while reading this and go omg I so remember that. look how we got through October like a boss????? so why are we worrying???? these things happen! everyone falls out with their parents! it will all work out. I got to go as I have sooooo many things to do!!!

also, get diagnosed with Bipolar/BPD like RN if you haven’t already.


All My Love,

Gabby <333333333333

FROM…. YOU silly 26/3/22

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