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Dear... Adib Asyraf

I know it’s been 3 years ago and I also already have someone new now. I love him so much! I cry about him. I’m always smiling with him. I really happy with him. But, I don’t know. Sometimes, if you’re in my mind so sudden, I still smile thinking about you. 

I still remember all of our memories back then. Even though I know how much I hurt that time. How much I cry that time. Until now, I really want you to still remember me how much I remember you. It is because I feel it unfair to make me remember of you just by myself although I now I already have mine now. 

I know I didn’t love you anymore, but sometimes I really want to fix it again even I know you forgot about me already. Cuz ofcourse you forget me. You are the one throw me first, then why you should remember me til now, right? I just wanna said I miss you and I really wanna know, did you still keep all of my presents before? The watch, cap and the toy. Haha. It’s funny to remember that toy. But, it suit you well. The first time I saw that, it already remind me of you. It is really cute. 

But, fyi, until now I can’t believe that you will did that to me. Like, after all of sacrifice that you do for me. Like a gentleman that never will do that and you courage to do that, I feel like , yes, you’re the true person. But, I’m wrong. 

I really wrong. You waste all the money, sacrifice everything just to make a joke. I didn’t believe guys anymore since that. On the other hand, I’m wrong. 

There’s someone still be there for me. Even though just in long distance relationship, without wasting his money, but he always waste his time for me. I really love him right now.

FROM…. Iykyk

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