Write Anonymous Letter

Dear... Ashley

Hello my lovely strong self 🤩
You’ve done good enough,

I’m so proud of you Ashley

I know the grade 9 was so hard for you

It stressed and makes you feel much more worst, but look, we finally finished it!! We received 2 medals and 1 certificate!!! Congrats Ashley!! You worked so hard for this!!

Those sleepless nights, those cramming you did have been paid off!!! 😽🎉🎉
I love you, always love yourself though it might be hard to do it now especially since we hated ourselves… But pls let’s learn to love it, let’s learn when to take a rest, let’s learn to give up when we know we are tired and can’t anymore.

Don’t be too hard to yourself, she’s accumulated many problems and stressed enough.
Cry, cry Ashley, it’s fine.

Crying is fine Ashley, let those tears out, let them fall, let your problems and emotions out.
We’ve been bottling our feelings and emotions for almost 5yrs now.

Cry my tough self, dyan mo na ngalang na lalabas galit at emosyon mo eh.
Let our inner self breathe for a moment, let it be her even just for a moment.
Again, you did good and many people are proud of you!!

Let’s be more comfortable to our family and friends, let’s open up more to them, let’s try out best to change for the better.

My lovely self, I love you so much.

FROM…. Your July 30,2022 self