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Dear... Amaryllis

So, classes started today. I feel so out of place with everything that’s happening today. What am I doing right now?
Although I’m constantly bothered by the thoughts inside my head, I am suprised to see how numb I am right now.

I wonder, how are you right now? I know you’re watching me from afar, but I’ve always felt like you’re near.
It’s so weird how times change. You’re different now. I’m different. Everything is different. A few months ago, we were both equal but now I’m ahead of you. I’m still processing this change. Are you able to process this change?

I’ll never really know. Life is a mystery and so are you. We’ll never meet but I hope you’re okay.
Damn, it turns out going back to a face-to-face setup feels depressing rather than enjoyable.
I’m stuck inside. Again. I’m not happy. I understand it’s protocol but..oh well.

Are you alright? I hope everything is going well there. I’ve heard that everyone’s in different schools now.
You’ve mentioned that you’re upset. I understand. I’ve been feeling the same way. Life sucks so bad right now.

Welp, I have to go now. I’ll see you, hopefully. Soon.

FROM…. Neella