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Dear Sakuragi

it’s august 27 now and we are like talking for 3 days already in talkie app and it feels like it was just yesterday. dang, i just can’t stop myself but to talk with u whenever i get time. i just wanna thank youuuu for being a good listener and the same time a funny guy whom i can freely open up with.

I know u a stranger to me but it feels like i am so okay having u around but i don’t want this feeling go deep. u treated me as a good friend in talkie and the same way goes around here.

Tbh, it’s really amazing to met a guy like u and i wish we can be like good friends in real life too. i am really having a good time everytime we talk and im so sorry about my cheesy pick lines most the time haha.

Dang, hope u will achieve all ur dreams in time, i am rooting for u as a someone u used to know. hope u won’t forget me when we stop talking. thank you for sharing some details in ur life cause it means so much to me. just take care of urself like u always do. hope u r happy meeting a crazy girl like me hahaha. i do hope i get the chance to know u more haha, feeling yarn? kaya mo yan sakuragi. i am here if u have no one, u can count on me.

I still got a lot unsaid words on my mind but i have to end this here cause i’ll be sleeping na hahaha. hope u read this but it’s impossible tho. i pray u will be what u want to be. God Bless!♥️

FROM…. Hanamichi