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Dear My Quiz Bee Crush

Hi? I don’t really know what to say to you, We never really talked but we were at the same competition and we were on the same dead group chat. The first time I saw you was when the quiz bee ended. That time when you opened your camera to introduce yourself my heart started thumping so fast.

This sounds really corny but that was what I felt, I found it odd too. I never got the chance to talk to you right after the quiz bee because I can’t find an excuse to approach you without being obvious.

Next week is the start of our face to face class. I’m hoping that we have the same schedule so I can at least steal a glance from you. Normally I would be nervous and lazy to attend school but because of you, I feel excited going to school next week because I will see you there (hopefully) and that’s enough to make my day.

I hope that I can talk to you and be friends with you. At some point I’ll tell you about my feelings but I think I’ll test the waters first before doing something risky and I need to know first if we even vibe. It’s okay if you ever don’t return my feelings don’t worry, and I’m not even sure if we will be friends or I’ll find a way to talk to you but one thing is for sure, you are making me look forward to going to school.

You are like a motivation to me I guess, you make me feel excited about going to school and inspire me to do my best at school so I can join the quiz bee contest again and hopefully have a rematch between us. I don’t know if I should thank you or hate you for making me feel this way although I can’t hate you since you didn’t really do something to make me have a crush on you lol at the same time I like feeling these wonderful bizarre emotions again, it’s been a long time since I had a crush or interest on someone.

The last time I had a crush on someone was 2 years ago and I liked them for like 3 years but I’ve never confessed. I’m not hoping that you will like me back, I’m just content with the positive feelings that you gave me. It pushes me to be a student with high grades despite the amount of workloads and pressure that we have.

This is our last high school year too, it’s now or never, if I don’t get to talk to you this year, I might not have the chance to again if I don’t grab it right now so for everyone who will read this letter please manifest that my crush will be my friend jk.

With all that being said, Good luck my quiz bee crush and hopefully you’ll be my hallway crush too if we ever have the same schedule.

FROM…. Secret Admirer