Write Anonymous Letter

Dear Alex

Hello Aiii, I’m writing this as soon as I woke up. Idk why.

Hmmm I love you. I love you so much.

I have many hope and faith to us, in this relationship.
I hope we last long, I hope we both never regret being with each other.
I know it’s hard to communicate because we don’t speak same language and love you’re doing your best learning English!!! I love you and thank you for doing that just for you to talk to meee! I rlly appreciate it <3

We maybe still have the wall to us, we maybe still not comfortable to each other telling all the stories and secrets but I know we can master it up, I know one day we can be transparent to each other.

Tbh I’m kinda scared, I’m scared that I open my heart to someone again.
I’m scared you might hurt me at the end of this, and I’m so scared that it might leave a serious damage in me and that it will be hard for me to move on and let you go cause I loved you too much.
I’m so scared Alex, I’m scared everyday when I overthink, when I think about those bad and sad thoughts.
I’m scared you might cheat on me, I’m scared I cried at night wishing you really love me, that you are not only playing, that this relationship is not a game to you.

You’re the first person outside my family and friends who I prayed to God.
You’re name are always there when i talk to Him. I’m begging and wishing Him to pls save this relationship cause I treasure this so much. Wishing Him that lets both be happy and grateful to each other when this relationship didn’t worked. But I hope this will worked. I hope to have more memories with you.
I love you Ai.

I don’t know if this letter will be published before we break up hahaha. Pls I can’t read this if we fr broke up.
Let’s last until we can and let’s save this relationship until we could.
I love you my dearest and lovely pretty handsome Alex!

FROM…. Your Girlfriend