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Dear... Charlie

I know you probably don’t remember me and i wouldn’t expect you to but i went you your primary school and you are all i remember. i didn’t recognise you at first either. 

I thought you were cute from the moment i saw you and when you caught my eye at orchestra i felt so happy. I hate the thought that you would never look at me the same way i look at you because to me you are the most beautiful thing in my life right now. i don’t care that i haven’t spoken to you much or that i only see you at orchestra because i see you nonetheless. 

When you play the bass drum you look so focused and so calm and then when you smile my head just shuts down and you are all i can think about. i know im a bit crazy and not the best person all round but i juts wish you would notice me and talk to me. 

I told my friends that i like you and they all said that its really cute but they don’t know you and i don’t really either. you have no idea how much i want to know you and be able to talk to you freely but alas, anxiety keeps me from talking to you. 

I was so excited and nervous when i spoke to you on Monday even though it was just two sentences and when you looked at me and laughed and smiled later i was so happy because i felt like maybe you felt the same way now im not sure but you keep looking at me and i keep looking at you and i just want to be yours and talk to you every day. 

You have such a beautiful voice and i really hope that we go to Birmingham for music for youth together so i might have more of an opportunity. i hope that one day i can tell you how much i love you,

FROM…. The kid who plays the French Horn

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