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Dear... Blair

Hi love! August 1 it is. Happy 1 year and 8 months. It’s been a roller coaster for us. It’s been hell for the both of us. I really want to write how thankful and grateful I am to you. I have this gut, that I feel, that you want to break up with but you are just staying for the sake of my mental illness.

I’m sorry, for everything. Sa tanan. Abi nmu na wala sd nako gina alala imu feelings, pero I always think about you any minute, everyday if how are you doing. I know you hurt me a lot of times, but still I can’t commit to hurt you, because I love you so much. You’re the only guy, that i love the most.

I hope I am wrong. Idc if you don’t like long paragraphs from me. But still I love you. Even nasakitan nakos imu, I still love you. And I’m sorry if naa koy sakit, I can’t control my emotions and for being having a mental disorder. Dli nako kaya mutan-aw sa uban lalaki sama sa pag tan-aw nakos imuha.

I hope, naa pakay patience to understand me. Lisod kaayu wala koy mapagawasan, wala koy mastorya gaano kalisod atakehun ug anxiety. šŸ˜­ Unta you can still treat me like before. I hope i will be the wife in the future and forever. Im begging you, pls come back always. Don’t leave me…

Pls help me. Dli nako kaya na jud ako condition na mu atake any minute. I know, gusto na nmu i give up atua, but plss, don’t. Gusto napd ko mu give up pero I can’t unlove you. It’s too hard for me to let go of you. Dli nako kaya pakawalan ka. Plss stay with me plss.

FROM…. HazelšŸ’ž