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Dear... LB

Honestly the more I hang out around you the more I can’t stand you. I’ve tried to see the positives in you but you’re just this force of negative energy that follows you everywhere. Not everyone and everything is against you, you know. I’m going to be honest when I say I don’t think I ever liked you. 


Sure I liked the attention you gave me, I liked the way you treated me but me ever being physically or emotionally attracted to you is very questionable. You tried to convince me you were the most mature person our age by literally feeding me those words. Talking bad about a fourteen-year-old behind his back doesn’t exactly make you mature, buddy.

I think I held on for so long because I’ve longed for a relationship, a boyfriend for so long. I’m looking forward to that future guy who will be my boyfriend, someone I truly connect with, not a connection I have to convince myself is there. Funny how we started as strangers and in a few months, we’ll end like that. Even funnier I’ll enjoy being strangers because honestly, you exhaust me.


I’ve already apologized but I’m sorry I led you on. I guess that just comes with being an immature teenager though. I can’t let that follow me for too long. I hope you continue to grow after we have parted ways. I truly hope you are successful. I know there is lots of good in your heart. Lots you showed me and lots more that will be shown to someone else.


FROM…. Just a classmate now 🙂

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