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I’m really struggling with school, I’m still young and already stressed about what high school I will choose. I hate it. I hate that I don’t have good grades, a perfect body, loving grandparents, teachers, etc. I hate that they don’t see that I’m really trying my best but I just can’t. 


I started feeling like I don’t have any emotions or happiness would turn into sadness than anger…I feel like something is wrong with me I’m so tired of everything, I don’t have any motivation to do anything just be on my phone all day. at this point, I’m starting to blame myself for everything that is happening to me. 


I feel so insecure about myself, my looks, body everything but there is this one person who makes my day better every day so I should thank her, ofc I didn’t think about hurting myself or anything because that would make it worse and won’t help anything. I’m just struggling with this and trying my best but simply can’t. 


I feel like I will just be a failure when I grow up and that stresses me a lot.. music is the only way i feel safe and better.



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