Write Anonymous Letter

Dear Henry

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I fell in love you. I know you told me you just see me as a friend but I fell, I fell hard. I know this is wrong. The only consolation I have is you won’t know. For more than a year that we’ve known each other, I wonder if you really cared about me or was it just lust that keeps us together? I wanted to know if you were genuine.

I wanted answers Henry. I wanted to know if you really considered me as a friend or was it just an illusions because I am to gullible. I genuinely cared about you Henry. I worry if I made you mad. I worry if you’re sick. I worry because I do love you. Now, that you are drifting away and I think you found a new better friend who could fulfill your needs, I wonder if you ever thought of me.

I know you won’t even read this letter and you will never I loved you. Goodbye Henry. I’ll move on. I wish you all the happiness. I love you.

FROM…. Anonymous