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Dear... Shawn, my ex-fiance

You left the door unlocked. I was doing laundry.. thats when the man walk through the door. I was scared.. alone.. but I didn’t show it. He pointed the gun at me and said he was going to rob me.. 

I was scared and I ran to my gun in the back room. Once he saw me grab it.. I was shot. One in the left side of my brain and once in my left arm. The only thing he took was my gun. I laid on the floor for 6 hours until you came home. You didn’t check my vitals.. all you did was call ems and called my parents. 

I wanted you to hold me. The ems arrives and I was taken to the hospital and I was placed in a coma. During that time you were disrespectful to my parents, tried to marry me while I was in a coma, etc. I woke up and I was confused because all a sudden my parents hated you and didn’t allow you into the hospital for the 2.5 months I was in. After the hospital, I tried to get my car and my things. 

You didn’t. So I had to start all over. Shawn.. you still ignoring me… but that’s okay. I’m getting better. I would hate you, but that’s a part of forgiveness. I’m rising up and I forgave you, but I will never forget.

FROM…. Your ex fiancée

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