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Dear... Magic Manipulator

You tell me you love me every time we talk. You get jealous when I don’t show you, my love, like you want me to. You get mad at me for not loving you the way that you love me. But the truth is that I really loved you. I did.
Remember that morning after I broke up with you?
You were talking about me to our friends. You made them stop talking to me.

Do you know what I was doing that morning?


I was laying in a hospital bed. My stomach was all covered up in scars. Some were bloody, some were already fading away.
Even my mom cried.
They sent me to the psych ward.
The only thing you had to say about that was that you don’t understand why I “get to go to inpatient” while you only have therapy. You just couldn’t understand that there are actually people who are doing worse than you.


Oh, you didn’t know?
Of course, you didn’t.


I loved you and you knew that.
You knew that something was wrong but you didn’t ask because you were only thinking about yourself the whole time. Like you always do.


You were wondering why I found someone new so quickly.
Because they were nice. They cared.
I was genuinely in love with them but you ruined it.
I wish I would’ve stayed with them.
I’m still in love with them, but thanks to you I can’t be with them.


After you manipulated me into getting back together I tried to break up with you several times.
But you didn’t let me go.
I can’t do this anymore.


Please let me go.


FROM…. Your Girlfriend

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