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Anonymous Letter Ideas

Writing can never me more simple, take a step back as this is none other as we usually write our normal letter.. all it takes is a “Dear” and “From” as structured below.



You can write letter to yourself, loved one, a celebrity or a stranger. They can also be addressed to people who are no longer here or have yet been born.

You could also write a letter to more abstract notions, such as a letter to your self-doubt, the solar system or society’s expectations. There are no limitations to who or what your letter can be addressed to.

Below an example of an anonymous letter, you can write about

  1. A letter to your future self
  2. A letter to your parents
  3. A letter to your ancestors
  4. A letter to someone you love
  5. A letter to your pet
  6. A letter to your hopes or fears
  7. A letter to depression
  8. A letter to someone you used to know
  9. A letter to someone who misunderstood you
  10. A letter of apology or regret
  11. A letter to your great grandparents
  12. A letter of reconciliation
  13. A letter to God
  14. A letter to someone you miss
  15. A letter to someone you admire
  16. A letter to the world
  17. A letter to someone who is struggling
  18. A letter to someone you wish you spent more time with
  19. A letter to yourself in five years or five years ago
  20. A letter to a mentor or teacher
  21. A letter to a celebrity
  22. A letter to your children
  23. A letter to the stars or universe
  24. A letter to the earth

All submitted letters are reviewed hence it can take up to one 1day To – 4weeks sometimes depending on the length and level of grammar we have to correct.

Submit your letter here.

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