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“I’m keeping my wounded heart from the known, even if being exposed, nobody will understand, even if I’m going to die soon, nobody will give a damn, a walking disgrace, a pain and burden to every walking person on this earth, I should’ve just die, I should’ve just kill myself, to life itself is such a sin,”

I know well, those feelings, you have been in pain for so long, it hurts, it’s painful, to live is like to die, to wake up is like to sleep, you want to shut your eyes forever, don’t wanna see this painful world, this idiotic self of yours, I know, I understand, You lost your soul and your heart, nothing matters anymore, this life, those who said you matters, even when you scream, cry, or even dying, they won’t see it, you have no one to turn up to, you have no one to believe too, everyone is leaving you behind, you are losing reason to live, in the end, you are nothing, just a void, everyone will forget soon.

I knew it all, it is okay to let go, it is okay to just die, and let it all go, it’s tiring right? nobody cares, it doesn’t matter anymore. Just so you know, you matter to me.

From.. Someone You Wish To Love

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