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I asked if I could call you “Red,” but you mostly prefer to be called “Fred.” Hi, we don’t have much time to bond or meet each other because the first time I met you was when you were about to go back to your work as a seaman. Honestly, you’re not my type.

But when I spend even a short time with you, there’s this weird feeling inside me that “I kind of like you.” I do. I’m continuously praying to God that we can meet each other again. But it seems impossible because you’ll come back here in November while I am about to go to Canada by that time.

A part of me right now wants to stay, just so I can meet you again. I have never felt this before, not until I met you. It’s February 6, and I’m still hoping that you reply or message me. I’m down for any topic.

I pray that God will always keep you safe. Continue being the man that God calls you to be. Stand firm in your faith. I’m praying for you. always..