Dear Backstabbing Bec

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I wish that stroke killed you.

How dare you try and destroy my business with lies and fake reviews. All because you couldn’t do the job you were hired to do and chose to blame us for your shortcomings.

The staff are young and easily influenced, but I’m sure they could see through you especially when you took to bullying them. Bullying them directly and personally while having the audacity to blame us? Yep. That’s Bec.

You don’t care about anyone but yourself. You lie to people’s faces and stab them in the back seconds later – and you think you are so much smarter than us all. You brand yourself as caring but it’s all a lie and it’s so obvious it’s embarrassing for you.

Fake employment reviews with the most ridiculous claims? You are petty and lower than the bacteria in the gutter. I can’t wait til you realise how little power and influence you actually have. You think you are damaging us but whilst you hurt us emotionally, our business is thriving.

You are a troll and a jealous hater. If I could rid the world of you, I would. Sadly murder is illegal – however, sometimes the garbage takes itself out. I guess we’ll wait and see.

From..The one you spread fake rumours about

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