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Rare Roar Spoken Word

Rare RoarRare Roar

*Rare Roar* We make rare appearances on public stages of our choosing.  Why bother much when the enemy fumbles, always losing?  Drunk in power from endless boozing, they stumble over, we find it amusing.  As veterans we are, we find it confusing.  Strike one, strike two, and the third is more – than merely bruising.  […]...

Here Lie The Serpents

Here Lie The SerpentsHere Lie The Serpents

Here lie the serpents Serpents cunningly lie, cheat and destroy. They submerge their fangs into suspecting and unsuspecting victims, wreaking havoc with their venom. Among us, are Those of Old who have been knowingly subjecting themselves to these serpents’ venom for eons in a bid to better understand the nature of the morphing serpents. Those […]...