Dear regrettable family

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I have almost never known peace and happiness! The only true happiness I’ve felt is giving birth to my lovely daughter, she’s the only one I have on earth! She’s my peace, happiness, strength, breath and the true definition of love, I grew up with so much hate and resentment from my so-called family! I just didn’t fit in their glamorous world! I’ve been homeless with my child..

I’ve suffered all types of abuse! Sexual, physical, emotional, name it.. I’ve been there before, I’m too ashamed to talk to anyone because I always consider my so-called family’s reputation, even though they don’t deserve my care. I have a good heart and I can’t change it even if I tried.

I’ve tried everything humanly possible to provide for myself and my child but I feel my efforts are always in vain, my child was abandoned by her dad my X husband, and I’ve tried to play mummy and daddy at the same time, giving her all the love and affection in the world. I blame myself!

I feel I’ve failed her.. she’s currently with my family because I can’t afford to take care of her alone at the moment, and my family will only accept her not me and I don’t mind.. as long as she’s safe! My prayer is to be united permanently with my daughter and provide her with everything she deserves!

Unfortunately, I had absolutely no guidance growing up, I literally thought to myself everything I know, I’m not street-wise” And I wish I was.. because we live in a very wicked evil world! Where humans are lovers of themselves only. I’ve been through hell.. but I’m still here!

Standing strong and believing GOD has a purpose for me in life and I will live to fulfill my destiny in life, and my daughter will also live to be a positive inspiration to her generation and the younger generation even the older generation ..

I’ll always pray for love in my heart and strength from GOD. Stay blessed everyone! I pray GOD continues to guide and protect, and provide for us all. To everyone reading this” never give up on life, always believe with GOD nothing is impossible.

From.. Cee

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