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I don’t want love unless it’s u. tears are coming out of my eyes as I’m typing this. i won’t forget how we looked at each other in the eyes and said ‘i genuinely hope we make it’ but how could it work when one of us doesn’t want to try for the other person? I don’t know where life will take us. but I know I get this unexplainable feeling whenever I think of u w someone else in the future. and if I’m the only one who gets this feeling then I think I’ve got my answers.

Someone who’s been so patient w u since the beginning, someone who always put u above yourself and felt every bad thing that u had to go through as if it was their own pain, someone who didn’t even think or look at anybody else while being in love w u, someone who was happy w the 10% u was willing to give, someone who’s done things in the name of love that this whole life will pass but she won’t be able to put them into words. this someone won’t be wrong for being selfish and wanting u to be happy w her only, but that’s not who she is. so I pray to Allah that u get everything in life that u desire, success or another human being that doesn’t matter.

I hope u stay happy for the rest of your life even if I’m not there. I pray that u are at peace w whoever u share ur future with. these might be just some poetic words for u, but my heart is aching and weeping w every letter i type. take all of my happiness and leave me w none if it requires. as u were my happiness, and nothing seems to replicate it in the future.

From.. sholzu

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