Dear Zane G.

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I don’t think we were as serious as I thought, I realize that now.

You were my first relationship, I got excited and clingy. A lot.

I never meant to be too much, I wonder if you regret the time you took on me. I know you don’t hate me, but would you do it again? I don’t think you would.

It really hurt when we broke up, but I knew it was coming.
I didn’t want it to, that was selfish of me. I should have said what I noticed.

I’m sorry about all the follow-up texts, every couple of months. I finally gave up, you should be proud.
I just saw everything in you, and I didn’t wanna lose that.
But I realize now that I was young and naive, and the end result would probably be the same.
But in the end, I realized that I was in the wrong too. I should have never stopped texting the way I did, I didn’t keep my word of always remaining friends. I learned from you and grew, I hope you did from me too.

I hope your life is going well…
f you Chad.

From.. If you don’t know by now, it should stay that way.

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