Dear Noah

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Noah I’m so grateful, thank you for texting me the first time on the 26th of July of 2022, and thank me for texting back on the very first of July of 2022, if I didn’t I wouldn’t’ve met the boy I never stopped loving. We loved each other, but we couldn’t date, you promised you would wait for me, but you didn’t, and it’s fine, I’ll be waiting this time. I wouldn’t’ve made it this far without you.

I love you and I will forever.

Every time you are close to me I feel my heart pounding almost out of my chest, and if it’s quiet, you can even hear it. I get butterflies and a sense of adrenaline. I wish you would look at me, but at the same time I’m scared you will, I’m scared you’ll look at me for so long that you’ll see me the way I see myself; ugly.

And I’m scared you’ll see my cheeks slowly turning red, and my eyes tearing up, remembering your glance. I wish you would come back, I wish you would text me, I wish you would call me, I wish you would talk to me.

But we do all wish for some things, and sometimes, most of the times, we never get what we wish for, but, sincerely, I really want this to be true, I do want you to love, love me so much that you can’t get enough of my kisses, hugs, cuddles and more.

I want you to hold me for hours, and die next to you.

The thing is, I could stare and talk to you for hours, days, weeks, without feeling bored, and for it to feel like seconds, I never felt like this, to anyone, and for a teenager, this is way too emotional to keep in, it feels like they are too much, too much indescribable, unconditional love for you, and I wonder if you think the same way of me, because I do, and I have no regret or embarrassment feelings these emotions for you.

Somebody you used to know