Dear Luuuuttttttt

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We went from friends to strangers, I think about us every day, if things would be different from how they really are. I don’t know why I would always ignore you but half of me still wants to talk to you. I want us to come back to how we were but I cannot bring back such a relationship.

I’ve always wanted to talk to you again, but it seems like you have no energy left in you anymore to keep on talking to me first. I’ve always rejected you, greeting me and such. I’d seem shameless to suddenly care after that, besides you don’t deserve a person like me in your life.

But I can’t imagine a life without you again, I want to find the right time to talk to you again because I don’t wanna end up regretting not to. If ever, I want to say sorry to you too, I know you needed it after all the pain I caused you. We were something, it could’ve been different… I don’t know but I’ll keep on hoping and telling myself what I want to do

From.. I don’t really know now, you have so much friends now, I don’t think I still matter to you that much anymore

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