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I can’t help to think of not killing myself anymore I’ve already tried once but it didn’t work what else I can do I literally suffer from my own family how can someone be cruel like my mom I prayed every day she changes but she doesn’t today I wanted to meet with my friend but everything got canceled because of my mom I prepared myself and everything and wanted to go but she took my phone and texted my friend that I won’t be able to come.

Then she suddenly took all of my clothes and things out of the closet and told me to reorganize them, I told her to not touch my things without my permission then she told me that it was her house and she can do whatever she wants to.

I just wanted to say this cuz no one is listening to me even my closest sister she told me that you did a mistake and you need to apologize to her .. after some time she entered my room and screamed at me saying: you are not allowed to use your computer or your phone for 3 days and if you do I will smash them on your head but now I opened my computer cuz I can’t hold it anymore I literally feel like crap and I don’t want to cry cuz I really got used to this every day the same thing I can’t even describe it.

From.. G

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