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I never knew what to tell people about you truthfully. I loved you at some point but everything was too much and I hated you at points too.

As I’m writing this I currently hate you. You sexually assaulted me and I couldn’t tell anyone. You constantly lied about everything and about all the girls you cheated on me with.

You manipulated me, called me toxic, and even turned one of my friends on me. I fucking hate you. I have only told one person what you did that day and u found out and u deny ever doing it to me which hurts the most. You mentally broke me and spread rumors and I fucking stayed with you. I regret everything to do with you.

So I suppose this is my only way of getting it all out without really getting it out. Ik you’ll never see this but if by some small chance you do know that every word I said is true. Love your ‘toxic bitch ‘ of an ex, xx

From.. Your ex

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  1. You were with a narcissist and those relationships really suck but you get over it and it doesn’t take long the going to want you back they’re going to ask you to come back they’re going to say they’re sorry they’re going to say they were wrong they’re going to say that they changed trust me when I say they never ever ever change and it’s sad because you know this you know in the deepest depths of your soul they’re never ever going to change but then you stay you stay and you stay. People like that men like that they make everything your fault always they’ll find something to be your fault. They’ll call you a liar they’ll call you psycho they’ll call you insecure when you have done nothing at all they’ll push and push and push to the point where you want to shoot yourself in the head they make you feel crazy, eventually you feel like you need to get video cameras in your house eventually you feel like you need to tape record every single conversation. Trust me when I say it’s no life to live. If you ever get pregnant by this person do yourself and the baby, the biggest favor in the world and get an abortion do not have children with this person ever.

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