The boy that taught me what love is

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This is not to say I regret any part of our relationship, I don’t. not one bit of it. I don’t mean for this to end up being assumed that I don’t love you, I do love you and I always will. if I could choose I would make it so I still felt the butterflies and the squirmy feeling of love I did for the past three years with you, but I don’t.

We’ve both grown so much together but I haven’t been able to learn who I am without you, I became dependent upon you. with that dependence, I also developed some resentment- not for you but for myself. why couldn’t I care for myself?

I should’ve never put you in the position to keep me alive and I need to learn how to live myself let alone keep myself alive before I can put that love and energy into a boy. you’ll be fine without me, I know you will. I’ll love you forever and I truly hope we can stay friends.