Dear Yuri

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I wish I could say how much I love you, I wish I could put it into words but… Why is it so hard?
I love seeing you at school, I love the way you weirdly treat me, I love it, man, you’re perfect for me, why can’t you be mine? Right now I’m listening to washing machine heart and I’m identifying myself kkkkkkkk, after all, “why not me?”

After all, if I had taken action earlier, would we be together today? I wanted once in my life to be able to touch you without feeling the fear of being judged by Duda, without any worries, I wanted to be able to touch you and feel the calm, not the usual tension, which is what you give me when we are together in school, but when we’re away… It’s magical!

Remember our first call together? Just the two of us? It was incredible and I loved it, we talked until late hours about different subjects, and I accompanied you in your game, I loved it, I really loved spending time with you for the first time without being “tense”, I wish I could say that for sure, but I don’t, but I believe, that my other side of the red thread, is on your little finger, and I would love to be able to make you figure out how we could work out somehow, just know that I love you, very much, I still look at you with the same eyes that once landed on you, and were perplexed by such beauty and delicacy, and that over time, were enchanting and falling in love more and more.

I love you Yuri, forgive me for not doing anything in favor of us, our possible would have been beautiful, but our impossible was more <3

From.. that girl who let you go, from 1st A

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