Mr Perfectly Fine.

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Hello mr perfectly fine. i hope you’re well,
I am not.
I’m still having a hard time understanding truthfully, on went wrong with us.
is this it? do you wish to not communicate with me any longer? do you wish we had never spoken that day?
that day of August 31st, when we spent the day together as strangers.
we’re back at that I suppose. you walk past me as if you’ve never seen me a day in your life.
as if we didn’t spend nights letting out our inner thoughts in each other’s warmth. as if we didn’t spend nights laughing and talking about how we got to where we are now. as if we didn’t promise that night to communicate when we feel as if something is off.

as if you didn’t kiss me that night with perfect moonlight.

it’s depressing to see you act this way.

why? why are you acting this way

it’s such a weird concept honestly, that one day you look at me like I’m everything you want, and then the next day you choose to forget about me. I don’t understand.


how does a human heart do that?

i will learn to get over it, eventually.
if forgetting me is what you need to move forward with your life then I understand. it’s always more important to focus on your happiness and mental health than anyone else’s.

i suppose your demons all look like me.

part of me is happy to see you with your friends, laughing and smiling. you’ve been needing that, i know you’ve been needing that. I love seeing you smile. but the other part of me wishes you felt as miserable as I do currently. not about life in general, just about me. about us. i wish you felt as miserable thinking of me as I think of you. is this it? no goodbye? no nothing? you just woke up one day and chose to forget me? to forget us? to forget our time spent together.


i just possibly cannot fathom any idea why.

what hurts most about this is I know I won’t learn my lesson. i will run my way back into your arms as soon as they open for me again.

why do you have so much power over my heart?

how do you have so much power over my heart?

it’s okay. because I’d let you hurt me in every universe if it meant I get that time with you again. that time when we were full of smiles, hugs, and puppy love.

I hope that’s what it was at least.

ms can't stop thinking of you.