The one that got away

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It’s been just a few days since we parted ways, but I can’t help but think if I had done something differently you would still be here, holding me like you used to. The last time we saw each other you promised to stay but you left, I guess promises are a lost cause. We still have our same friend group, but almost every time I say something related to you or directly respond to something you say, you just ignore it as if I don’t exist anymore, you only respond to game invites and I have to specifically @ you. I just wanted someone to care about me and you seemed to care from the start, but as days went by I knew your love for me slowly stopped existing.

I haven’t cried since the day we broke up, I want to, but I want to prove to you and myself that I don’t care just like you. I still have the two hoodies you gave me, I don’t plan on throwing them out just yet (maybe I’ll never throw them out, who knows) But how could’ve I thought some man would love me when my father never did? I tried to save us and you know that. And even after all of this, I’m gonna sit here and wait for you 🙂