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I wanna be completely honest with you. You’re genuinely just so amazing!! I know you’re admired by many, myself included, but I really wanna showcase that! I love how kind you are to others, I haven’t seen you be mean to anyone before! You are always willing to help others when they need it as well, and I can tell people appreciate it! I’m honestly to scared to ask you for help because I don’t wanna bug you, but with the times we chatted, you’ve just been so nice and helpful to me! We worked together a couple times, and even when I was like “Did we learn about this?” regarding concepts I forgot, you went all out and explained them to me in ways I will remember!!

You have a great sense of humour as well! I love when you’re sarcastic! It makes me laugh! Especially when it comes to really obvious topics and you’re sarcastic about them, pretending not to know the answer, despite how obvious it is! And when you make jokes, it makes my day for sure! I remember one particular joke about a concept we learned about, and now I can’t forget it!

You’re overall someone I’ve been admiring for the past couple of years! I’ve been admiring you from afar (well, maybe not afar if we’re near each other sometimes) for quite a while now, and I wanna tell you how I feel! I wanna confess! But as someone who is extremely shy, I don’t know when, where or even how to do it. I know you won’t read this, but I’m telling you how great you are! You’re amazing! Keep being yourself because YOU are extremely admirable to not only myself, but many others as well! You got this!!

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