Dear owen

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You know its quite funny to be in love in the mind and real life the funny thing is I believe I’m always in love I believe every person has good intentions but I’ve come to see that it’s not about planning pain

I don’t think people do anything anymore just to have someone in pain jokes are best told to an adduce so you feel like you are funny a sense of belonging when everyone shares a laugh it comes with no worries in those moments where nothing hurts and life doesn’t hurt so I guess that’s why my love was always a joke a tale to tell it gave everyone a laugh something to take their mind of there terrible lives which I can’t say mine is any better but everyone needs a reason to laugh so I’m glad I could be your joke something shameful and laugh about something to forget the pain I’m glad I was your joke may you never forget me -xoxoxoxo

congrats on the pregnancy

ms nightmare