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I’m tired.
Not physically, but emotionally and mentally.
I feel worthless, and sometimes I think God has already abandoned me.
I might go to hell for saying this but most of the time, that’s just how I feel.
It seems that all things don’t go as expected.

I’m tired of relying upon people I should be trusting.
Even my family doesn’t understand what I’m feeling and what I am going through right now.
Every day, I pray I see the end to this.
Or if not, I pray for Jesus to just take me back.
I’d gladly run into His arms… well, that’s if He wants me.

This world has turned into an empty place.
People are just too busy with surviving that they forget other people.
They will only remember you when you’re already gone.
And when you’re gone, they’ll forget you as well as the days go by.

Sometimes I wonder, if I end this, would it be better?
If I end this, would the people I know care about me?
But thinking about it, if I were to leave this planet, I don’t want to leave anything.
I wanted to be forgotten.

I don’t need all those shallow words and thoughts.
What’s the point of remembering when you’re already dead?
What I wanted was for them to remember me when I was living – when I needed someone to listen to me.