Dear my ex, that I still miss – D

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It’s hard not having you here honestly, every day I dread waking up, I dread living because you’re not here. I’ll be honest, I still miss you like crazy and I don’t think I’ll ever move on, because I really did love you and you don’t just stop loving someone.

I hate having to move on, I hate crying hysterically while falling asleep because I miss you, and I hate that you’re not in my life anymore. You maybe think that I moved on since it’s been almost two months, but I’m still here waiting.. pathetic right? You were the light of my life and even though I was in so much pain because of you, I would go back a thousand times just to have you in my arms again.

I still remember the first day we met, how I wanted us to be together forever, or how we had our future planned. I still remember how much easier falling asleep with you was, how you made my life worth living. I promised you that I’ll never love anyone else and that I’ll always love you and I keep my promises, you promised to love me too, forever, but you left.

I can’t think about our memories without crying. You knew I loved you, maybe I should’ve shown you I love you way more, maybe it was all my fault, and even though I know you won’t read this, I know that you know that I still miss you, I want us back even if I’ll feel the pain again because it was worth it, every second with you was. I gave you my all.

However I hope you’re happy, don’t know where you are right now, don’t know if you already moved on, I don’t know anything, but as long as you’re happy, even if someone else, I will be happy. I just wanted you to keep our promise.. Maybe one day we’ll meet again, and this time we’ll do it right… 🙂

From.. K

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