Dear June

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I am writing this letter because the ink will last longer than the memories I hold onto and, I can’t keep this any longer.

I don’t know how, when, or where it started but, somewhere along the line, I fell for you. Maybe, it was the way you care for others, the way you handle the world with such gullibility and playfulness, or perhaps the way you speak up your mind. Honestly, there are no right or specific reasons. Simply, just by being you; everything about you even the things I don’t know about.

I don’t think you’ll even see who I am and I doubt you ever will realize. I’m probably forever a friend or acquaintance, even though I desperately long to wrap you into my arms, to be there by your side, to let you feel what love was like specifically what or how is it to be loved by someone truly, the right way. Yet, these words I say will never even allow me to touch you or be with you.

However, sometimes I couldn’t help but wonder if you’d ever feel the same, imagine what we would be like, probably lots of what-ifs. I know that I am playing with fire right now and eventually I would get burned but, this is more than just one part of what keeps me alive when I wanted the world to stop. So, I’d say I’m sorry for that.

I honestly wanted to tell these to you personally it’s just that I never had the chance to. So this is me, telling you that I admire and appreciate you without even getting the need to be with you. You are amazing in many ways and if you feel like the world is against you, know that there would always be someone cheering you from afar; rooting for your success. And this was already good enough for me.

Maybe, this is the only way to truly get my feelings out. By writing since we barely even talk to or have the chance to even be alone. This is my way of letting go of all the what-ifs and what-is. Time will pass, and everything will fade including the feelings I longed to keep.

So until then…

Be happy always.

From.. Someone you knew

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